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About Ravenfield Saddles

Experience :

We offer a lifetime of equine experience to benefit you in your next saddle purchase. Ninel is an example of wisdom gained in saddles and tack. Ravenfield has been selling saddles in the US since the early 2000's. They have been gathering important information on our customer's horse and our customer's riding disciplines to recommend the saddle to suite each need. They have earned the experience by being raised on a horse farms. They have good grasp on the characteristics of each saddle model. Ninel has assisted hundreds of customers in their years of selling saddles.

 Saddles and Tack :

We make it our goal to provide the best selection of saddles available - above any other store. We are constantly expanding the brands we carry as well as the different types of saddles. Our inventory is often greater than that of our saddle manufacturers. We have the thought that "if it is not good enough for us to buy then it is not good enough for us to sell." We are unlike other stores you find on the internet 

You can contact us in many ways:

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